Welcome to Alim's Blog !

Welcome to Alim's Blog !

Welcome to my Blog.
I am very excited to share with you today, my website,「Alim Azzouz Photography」, that i’ve been working on since a while. It’s have been a really interesting process and exciting challenge for me, since i had the opportunity to work on the design aspect, the coding, the post-processing, the writing and the planification ... and i hope you love it and feel of it.

Here I will be uplaoding continuously some interesting content about photography, post-production and marketing tricks oriented to photographers, since i come from a Marketing background. But i don't want it to be a mono directional demarche, so i would love to read your remarks, advises or comments and try to unswer efficiently to your questions. 

I believe that sharing and discussing makes progress, to make a better work for a better world. So thanks for your word in advance, and Feel free to leave me your message or comment to start discussions, suggest a topic, or request a tutorial in the following form.


ついに Alim Azzouz Photography のホームページが出来たよ!

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